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Everybody does strategy. It is almost an overused concept; however, strategy plays a vital role in public relations and marketing.

Having the right PR strategy is key to the success of any project or campaign.

Although some PR tactics look effortless because they happen spontaneously, many of them usually requires adequate planning. This plan, an integral part of your strategy, is the significant difference between a regular and a brilliant PR campaign.

So what do the best PR strategies have in common?

1.    They support goals that are specific, measurable, and actionable

One crucial factor that separates the best PR strategies from the rest is clarity.

Oftentimes clients usually know the results they want or are looking for but what they do not know is there is more than one way to reach the end goal.

A good PR strategy turns the vague objectives a client wants into specific, measurable and uniquely tailored goals. Also, strategy is usually a roadmap of specific plans to achieve the already set goals. This means that

strategy makes goals realistic, no matter how ambitious.

2.    They involve an original message

Think of any brilliant campaign and the message behind it. They are always original, not exact replicas of an oldie.

The best PR strategies usually involve messages and storytelling that are unique to the client, the target audience, and the campaign’s purpose.

3.    They’re informed by research

There is no such thing as too much planning in the PR space. The time and effort dedicated to the research that produces the best PR campaigns are integral to their success.

PR is not just about broadcasting information and storytelling. It is a double-edged tool that responds to and persuades the right audience.

As our CEO, Mr Linus Idahosa usually says, “listening to the audience is part of the brief.”

The essential ingredient to a strategy is the extraordinary skill of sieving through the noise to harvest high-quality information peculiar to the target audience.

4.    They’re in sync with other marketing and comms. strategies

The best PR strategies usually complement the project’s internal and external communications and marketing strategies.

This improves consistency in storytelling and gives the campaign a recognizable identity with the consumer.

5.    They’re flexible

A strategic PR plan can adapt to any market condition, competitive development or changes in objectives.

6.    They include a contingency plan

Due to the robust communication plan involved in creating the best PR strategies, they are usually adaptable to withhold potentially damaging scenarios.

Usually, the best PR strategies contain a defensive strategy in the event of unexpected developments.

PR is all about communication, and storytelling is an effective way to get people to really listen.

To remain competitive and become the foremost PR and strategic communication firm like Del-York, you must build a great PR strategy.

If you want to build a great PR strategy and want to learn what the best PR strategies have in common, here they are:

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