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You can’t totally ignore the buzz around Valentine. As a business or brand owner, it is a special occasion to express love and connect with the emotions of your customers.

Currently, Valentine’s day is the 4th largest shopping day of the year. This makes it important and little wonder why brands seize the opportunity to promote themselves, and garner loyal customers.

Before you create a PR strategy, you must know your audience, and speak in their language, so as to get the desired result.

A Valentine PR strategy could range from social media promotions, giveaways, to TVCs, campaigns, etc.

Are you thinking of the right strategies to help attract prospects, delight customers and also drive sales during this Valentine season? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Organize social media contests

This may involve stunts like creating a general hashtag around Valentine or a specific hashtag around your brand. It can also include social media hypes and online participation from your customers

Organizing this type of event will generate enough impressions that can last through the day and the valentine’s week season.

2. Curate gift ideas for your customers

As a business owner, helping your customers in their decision making is key to more sales and customer retention.

During this period, you can help your customers pick the best gifts for themselves or their loved ones by curating gift ideas around the products you sell.

You can use this opportunity to drive attention to your less-popular product, offer discount coupons, and get people to buy them in an instant.

3. Do a sales promotion and/or giveaway

It’s the season of love and what better way to celebrate than giving?

As a business or brand owner, this period is one of the best times to show your customers how much you care by offering discounts on some of your products.

Doing this may afford them the chance of getting gifts for their loved ones which help to drive your sales and increase their loyalty to you.

Also, you may create sales contests and reward participants with giveaways of your product(s) or anything else.

4. Promote customers’ participation

You can strike your strategy up a notch by allowing your customer to take charge of any of your valentine PR campaigns.

This involves using user-generated-contents (UGC) to showcase your brand and also increase engagement around your product.

You can use methods like:

  1. Urging them to spread love through referrals
  2. Asking them to describe their relationship with your brand as a love story

While these strategies are not the holy grail, we hope they help you to create unique ideas that will boost your brand value in the market.

Remember, your strategy doesn’t have to end in one day. It can take the whole of February, according to your budget.

Also, professional strategic communications firms like Del-York International can help you with your Valentine campaigns and make this season impressive for your business.

Happy Valentine’s Month!

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