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Easter holiday might seem quite small compared to Christmas (Even though cultures make a bigger celebration of Christmas, Easter is perceived as more significant by Christians because according to the Good Book, Christ’s Death & Resurrection led to Faith and Salvation of the world), but it maintains a great potential as a sales season. With adequate preparation and excellent execution, Easter specials can promote your business to a broader audience, increase your reach, and improve general sales. 

If you will be taking advantage of the period to boost your business, then keep reading.

Here are 4 marketing campaigns and promotion ideas you can run on various marketing channels this Easter:

1. Customize Your Website

Your website is your business home address online. Therefore, it is a perfect place to kickstart your Easter campaign and give your customers a unique Easter experience. You can start by personalizing the pages with Easter themes, creating a specialized landing page for your special Easter sales, and displaying a “Happy Easter” greeting or other design assets you have all over your website. Hosting a virtual Easter Egg Hunt, just like FireFly VR is also an excellent idea! The hunt is a brilliant way to entice visitors to explore your website’s pages and get familiar with your brands and products in the process.

Image Source: Firefly VR’s Website

Remember to keep the designs and layouts simple and nice.

2. Send Out Personalized Newsletters

Email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing channels; it’s flexible and multifaceted. Also, customers choose to connect with you on this channel, which makes them quite invested in you. For your campaign, stray from your regular newsletters, and add spices of Easter elements to your content, the newsletter layouts, special subscriber links, and even your email signature either to send greetings or promote Easter sales. Regardless of the route you choose, we bet your customers would love it! 

You can find great examples of brilliant Easter email campaigns  here.

Image Source: SendIn Blue

3. Run An Exciting Easter Campaign on Social Media

Social media is an extensive marketing platform with many specific channels. It is likely possible that your business is not on all the available social media platforms. However,  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin are essential platforms for social media marketing. Like your website, you can implement Easter elements on your cover photos, profile pictures, and posts. A good idea is creating interesting Easter-related content and sharing it with your followers or sponsoring your Easter sales post to reach a wider audience. If your business can afford it, you can make things more interesting by running a giveaway or creating a contest like Acer.

Image Source: Twitter

4. Host an Easter Hangout

How about hosting an Easter hangout? Cool, right? You can host a themed event: a lecture, trivia evening, fun workshop, dinner –It could be online or offline. Establish that the event is related to your business and publicize the event appropriately to increase attendance and overall engagement. 

There you have it. Which of these ideas will you be implementing for the forthcoming period? Let us know in the comment section below. 

Happy Easter in Advance!

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