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In today’s world, social media has undeniably dominated the distribution of information and continues to do so. Leveraging any social media platform opens you to a more engaging user experience with loads of educational hacks, interesting trends and a robust array of content options to explore. Social media does not solely entail daily chatting, surfing, tapping, and scrolling content, but rather has become a fundamental tool to connect with like-minded people, develop interests and share those interests with them.

Now, let’s talk about Tiktok

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One would never think that a social media platform launched in 2016 without any media attention would grow to become one of the most popular and successful social media platforms in the world today. TikTok derives its uniqueness by allowing its users to post short, imaginative videos of their choice for 2-3 minutes long unlike Instagram, which is known for its functional brilliance and its ability to post visual content, Facebook, which is known for connectivity, or LinkedIn, which relies on work-related postings. There is an intensely and alarming side to TikTok in that it provides an endless world of creativity. The app hosts millions of trends and buzz from content creators daily and has over 900 million users, which significantly builds growth, exposure and engagement.

Why You Should Put Your Business On Tiktok

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Businesses thrive through perfect coordination, organization, and flexibility. The secret to becoming a successful business owner is good planning. This helps you research, rethink and restrategize how your business should run.

The next step after all the “I’s” are dotted and “T’s” crossed is: “How do I get my products across to a large audience?” That is where TikTok comes in – a social media platform for sharing content and creating awareness about what your business does.

A vital reason why you should put your business on TikTok is Visibility. Every business owner desires to have their business readily noticed, and TikTok provides that avenue. Make a video displaying what you are selling, let your viewers know what your product entails and allow them to express themselves explicitly. Videos are viewed by millions of viewers. The more visible your content is, the more likely it is for it to be seen.

TikTok is an ideal platform for connecting and engaging with people. The youthful demography of TikTok makes it easier to reach out and engage with younger audiences. TikTok over time has been seen as a social app for just the age of 16-30 years. But, gradually it evolved into an app suitable for specific age grades. For instance, the popular Nigerian artiste, Ckay, got a resounding recognition for his hit Afrobeat song, “Love Nwantiti (ah ah ah ah)” which was released in 2019 but became a global hit in  2021. The song was used by many to create engaging content and this introduced a wider audience to his name and record label.

Another reason you should put your business on TikTok is for Influencer Marketing. This is a top-notch business strategy that is highly engaging and helps build working relationships between the brands and the users. Other brands that love your offerings could partner with you and increase your engagement rate which could expand your audience base. Likewise, you could work with similar brands to gain their support and also follow influencers with high followership to get your business across a wide customer base.On TikTok, the renowned food brand, “eveafterdark” has so far reached 17,000 followers through the use of influencers and creators who create fun videos and influence the brand.

Advertising and Publicity are marketing tools to ensure your products and services have an invigoratingly fresh outlook. TikTok is a perfect place for publicizing your business to the online and offline community. It presents your brand to the right people and accelerates the growth of your business. TikTok has provided a platform for marketers called the TikTok for  Business that gives business owners the opportunity and invitation to set up ads, market their goods and meet target audiences. Hashtags challenges, branded effects, in-feed ads and brand takeovers are the simplest formats that guide marketers in creating ads and increasing brand awareness.

A popular beverage brand, Coca Cola Drink also interestingly uses TikTok. They created a bespoke challenge known as the #Tastethefeeling challenge among its users which sparked a high use of User Generated Content that increased the brand’s engagement.

Ultimately, TikTok is a goldmine of engagement for businesses. Its benefits to the growth of the business have gained a stronger foothold among the plethora of existing social media options. At Delyork, we can get you started on your TikTok journey with proven content strategies and digital tactics that can make your brand a trend.

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