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Monday, May 2, 2022, marked a defining moment for Choice International Group, (distributors of GAC Motor, GREE Air Conditioner, and Lontor E-Home in Nigeria) as they assembled for the 2022 Choice International Annual Summit: a platform set to reward competent staff while setting the future tone for a new managerial organogram for the organization.

With our team’s support, the event provided a platform to highlight new growth parameters as the company currently seeks to expand its scope of operations. The summit took place at the Eko Hotel & Suites Convention Center in Victoria Island, Lagos. It served as the perfect point of convergence for all CIG staff, external business partners and key business leaders.

The Del-York team played a significant role in setting up the Livestream and organizing the documentation of the entire summit. 

One major highlight of the event was where the Chairman of Choice International in Nigeria, Chief Diana Chen, congratulated and appreciated staff members for their vital contribution to propelling the brand’s values to where it is today. She highlighted the massive success of the company. In celebration of the company’s successful journey, she quoted that “We have built the Gree brandfrom nowhere to become Nigeria’s leading brand.”

To introduce a new trajectory to all CIG employees, she highlighted Peter Drucker’s principle of Management, using it as a blueprint for the company’s future roadmap. According to her, the foremost Management Consultant advocated the principle of decentralization, prioritization of knowledge work, Management by objectives, and SMART goals. These points were highlighted in the creative presentation set up by the Del-York team. Chief Diana Chen cited one of his famous sayings, “The most valuable asset of a 21st-century institution will be its knowledge, workers, and productivity, ” from a Peter Drucker book titled “The Effective Executive. Chief Diana also referenced another quote “Knowledge work is not defined by quantity, neither is it defined by its costs; rather, it is defined by its results.” 

The Del-York team also produced informative videos showcasing the richness and strengths of all Choice brands. These were played at the event.

The Vice President of Choice International Group, and CEO/Founder of Del-York Group, Mr Linus Idahosa, mounted the podium to encourage the staff members to actualize the concepts introduced to them by Chief Diana Chen. He urged the team members to cultivate the habit of meditation and mindfulness as that is an indispensable method to becoming exceptional leaders and executives.

The Choice International Group organizes this summit every year. It is a perfect means for a company to communicate the strategy and outlook for the forthcoming year to their employees.

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