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Nestling within the vibrant heart of Lagos, Nigeria, Del-York Creative Academy has blossomed into a beacon of inspiration, carving its distinctive niche as Africa’s premier creative institution. Over the years, the institution has been the crucible for aspiring creators in filmmaking, cinematography, and related spheres. DCA has been nurturing raw talents into refined, innovative craftsmanship.

Embarking on the unique creative journey, the cohorts of the Nov/Dec 2023 Del-York Creative Academy session eagerly embraced the four-week intensive training where the fusion of storytelling and creativity became the cornerstone of their careers. In the hallowed halls of DCA, creativity wasn’t just encouraged. It was the air they breathed and the pulse that nurtured and galvanized their aspirations.

As each day unfolded, Del-York Creative Academy’s commitment to raising superlative storytellers became evident. Internationally renowned instructors, including Filmmakers and Producers of the Nigerian Film Industry, guided students through the labyrinth of the creative industry.

The transformative experience’s crescendo echoed through the DCA campus’s grand corridors on Ligali Ayorinde Avenue, Victoria Island, Lagos, on Sunday, 17th December 2023. Del-York Creative Academy presented a Showcase Graduation Ceremony celebrating the creativity of students identities, dreams, and potentials unleashed and materialized in full bloom.

In attendance were a blend of the students, instructors, mentors, parents, and guardians who witnessed the fresh wave of creatives etch their names in the annals of changing narratives.

The showcase was a kaleidoscope of ingenuity. Individual monologue projects spoke volumes of diverse stories for the Department of DCA Screenwriters. Student-directed series included Alkebulan, Na Army Man oo,  I am not a Baker, and Monica.

However, what truly set the evening ablaze was the synergetic collaborative effort of minds and the artistic perspectives of the students’ project titled “13th Hour” and a DCA documentary produced, written, directed, and presented by the Nov/Dec 2023 graduating cohorts from across the various departments of DCA including Acting, Cinematography, Screenwriting, Producing, Editing, and Graphic Design in live action scenes.

The air crackled with excitement as each project was unveiled. The attending guests were captivated by the sheer brilliance on display. Each movie was delightfully received in excitement as students watched the actualization of their hard work and stories on the big screens. One couldn’t help but marvel at the growth each student had undergone as the applause reverberated through the halls.

Angel Awotarigha, the Cinematography instructor of the Academy, engaged the audience and encouraged the graduates to embrace failure, accept the learnings from it, and fall forward, as this is necessary to become change agents in the industry. 

Each student had a story to tell as they described their journey at Del-York Creative Academy in one word:



“ Insightful”


The graduation ceremony was not merely a farewell. It was a commencement, marking the graduates’ induction into the ever-evolving narrative of Africa’s creative history.

Within the warm glow of accomplishments, the new faces of Del-York Creative Academy graduates emerged as torchbearers, ready to illuminate the world with their creative prowess and possibilities. Del-York Creative Academy’s remarkable legacy, now carried forth by these inspired individuals, will continue to shape the destiny of Africa’s creative renaissance.

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