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As seen on the foremost US weekly entertainment business magazine Variety, our principal: Linus Idahosa, President of Del-York Intl, Group spoke about our Film and Media City Project, in Edjirin Lagos.

The project, dubbed Kebulania, Video will include state-of-the-art soundstages and backlots and an international Film Institute— a holistic effort to scale up the capabilities of the Nigerian Creative industry. It is scheduled to break ground in early 2023.

We have been working closely with the Lagos State Government which is also fully invested in growing Nigeria’s creative economy, including providing an incentive scheme — a key to attracting big-budget Hollywood productions into the African creative economy.

The country need only take its cue from South Africa, which has used its cash rebate to lure films, including Viola Davis’ historical epic “The Woman King.”

Based on the West African kingdom of Dahomey, it’s precisely the sort of project that inspired us to partner with Storyland Studios in drawing the blueprint for Kebulania. 

Read the full feature article. Click here: Variety article

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